The IPCG Corporate Governance Code 2018

The IPCG Corporate Governance Code 2018

From the Preface:

“While the Code is positioned on a different level from a legal code, it is based on a systematic articulation with the capital market law and company law, thus establishing a relationship of harmonious complementariness with the law. Without being mandatory, the Code seeks to induce companies to practices in conformity with the guidelines that, on a national and international level, are recognized as of good governance: in this sense, the Code is, on the one hand, a complement to the legal order, and, on the other, a guide of good corporate governance.”


An English version of the IPCG Corporate Governance Code 2018 is available here:


pdfIPCG Corporate Governance Code 2018 Revised in 2020

cgc 2020


About CAM

The Commission for the Accompaniment and Monitoring (CAM) of the Corporate Governance Code is a result of the Portuguese Corporate Governance Institute’s commitment to the creation of a system that promotes knowledge of the Code by all relevant national and international agents in the capital market, the accompaniment of the monitoring activities, including the writing of the annual monitoring report, and the preparation of future revision work in light of the monitoring outcomes, legislative amendments and the international dynamics of evolution in corporate governance best practices.

CAM - Commission for the Accompaniment and Monitoring

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